We are a multidisciplinary, nationwide developer and builder of commercial real estate projects.

Our deep bench of experts across specializations, combined centuries of experience, loyal industry relationships, financing, and ability to internalize all moving parts of a deal — from pre-construction through to ribbon-cutting — set Continental Real Estate Companies apart from the rest. Time and again, we deliver outstanding results for our clients and partners.

Our History

Founding Partners

Frank Kass portrait

Frank Kass

Jack Lucks portrait

Jack Lucks

Development Partners

David Kass portrait

David Kass

President, Continental Real Estate Cos.

Jonathan Kass portrait

Jonathan Kass

President of Development, Continental Real Estate Cos.

Rick Kirk portrait

Rick Kirk

President & CEO, Hallmark Campus Communities

Karl Schneider portrait

Karl Schneider

President, Continental Senior Communities

Barry Ford portrait

Barry Ford

President of Development, Continental Real Estate Cos., Pittsburgh

Adam Valente portrait

Adam Valente

President, Continental Hospitality Group

Adam Giere portrait

Adam Giere

Vice President, Continental Hospitality Group

Jim Clark portrait

Jim Clark

Executive Vice President of Industrial Development, Continental Real Estate Cos.


Mark Damante portrait

Mark Damante

President of Development & General Counsel

David Royer portrait

David Royer

Senior Vice President of Finance & Development

Linda Waites portrait

Linda Waites

Chief Financial Officer

Information Technology

David Donahoe portrait

David Donahoe

Chief Information Officer

Continental Building Company

Josh Corna portrait

Josh Corna

CEO and Owner

Brent Baker, AIA portrait

Brent Baker, AIA

Executive Vice President

Matt Curtis, LEED AP portrait

Matt Curtis, LEED AP

Vice President

Michele L Bugh portrait

Michele L Bugh

Vice President

Karl Hasenstab, LEED AP portrait

Karl Hasenstab, LEED AP

Vice President

Ed Meurer, LEED AP portrait

Ed Meurer, LEED AP

Vice President

Development Associates

Mike Hudec portrait

Mike Hudec

Vice President of Development

Rick Lindenmuth portrait

Rick Lindenmuth

Vice President of Planning & Development

Jason Hockstok portrait

Jason Hockstok

Vice President of Planning & Development

TJ Snyder portrait

TJ Snyder

Vice President and Counsel

Ted Hathaway portrait

Ted Hathaway

Vice President and Counsel

Melissa Johnson portrait

Melissa Johnson

Vice President of Human Resources

Christine Zember portrait

Christine Zember

Director of Project Development

Anthony J. Mathena portrait

Anthony J. Mathena

Vice President of Finance & Development

Michael Dodge portrait

Michael Dodge

Vice President of Finance & Development

Hannah Hutchison portrait

Hannah Hutchison

Project Manager Planning & Development

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